Jolie Ville Luxor Hotel & Spa Kings Island

The Hotel features 507 rooms including 11 Jolie suites, 10 executive suites, 2 royal suites & 3 royal villas. All rooms are overlooking the Hotel’s enchanting gardens, inciting swimming pools and /or the fascinating River Nile.
The Hotel also features variety of theme pools (Infinity-edge swimming pool with Nile view and a water cannon, Oasis waterfall pool, children’s splash pools and an adult relax pool where nature lovers can enjoy peaceful serenity and warm sun relaxes).

The Hotel also offers a wide range of amenities, sports and leisure activities including 2 tennis courts, a gym, SPA, a mini zoo, and a kids club besides a 640000 sqm of grandeur landscape.

In addition, the Hotel has three conference halls with a capacity of up to 900 guests. Also, the Hotel has a wide variety of over ten restaurants, bars and lounges offering a variety of local and international food using organic ingredients from our own land, that also reflects the green spirit of the enchanting island. we will also provide our guests with the best pure organic & genuine honey produced from our own Beehive.

Jolie Ville Luxor Awards

10 facts to know about Kings Island Luxor

Cultivated Crops in Kings Island Luxor

We have unique trees that aren’t available any where in the globe.

  • Fruits: Date, Doum (Hyphaene Thebaica), Mango, Guava, lemon, Bitter Orange. All our fruits are served as jam on the breakfast buffet.
  • Honeycomb: We have our own beehives that produce the best honey. Our our own bee haves Karinoly bees, and it is collected 3 times/year. 
  • Herbs and Leaves: Rucola, Mint, Coriander, Hibiscus. 
  • Vegetables: Colored bell peppers, Cucumber, Tomato, Lettuce, Aubergine, Spinach, Cabbages.
  • Flora & Fauna: We have our very own unique plant in our Island like Doom palm, Kaya tree, Bamboozia tree, sycamore tree, Dear Love Palm, Cox palm, Royal palms, Corozia tree, Sibal palm, Grapefruit tree, Babaz tree, and Ficus tree